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    Sarah Douglass

    Sarah Donovan Douglass completed her 200-hour teacher training at HOME Power Yoga with Liz and Katie in February 2022. She is currently enrolled in a 95-hour certification program in children’s and adolescent yoga with Little Flower Yoga, and she will begin her 300-hour teacher training at HOME Power Yoga Studio in spring of 2024.

    Sarah graduated from Skidmore College with a double major in philosophy and Spanish. After studying abroad for a year in Spain, she completed her MA and Ph.D. in philosophy at Villanova University. She particularly enjoys working in the classroom with first year students as they make the transition from high school to college. She has taught courses on ethics, community engaged philosophy, and happiness for over twenty years at a college in NYC. She has also worked in college readiness programs for middle and high school students in NYC.

    Sarah was drawn to philosophy and foreign language study because of their ability to help people to look at the world from unique perspectives, and to develop a sense of wonder. She believes that yoga is a physical practice that similarly draws attention to the uniqueness of the body and breath, and cultivates curiosity. She is especially interested in the benefits of yoga for children and adolescents as increased rates of anxiety and depression in young people are reported at the national level. As an educator, she understands that we cannot expect people to demonstrate competence in a skill that they have never been taught. Relaxation, mindfulness, and body awareness are skills that yoga classes teach to children and adults.

    While not a native New Jerseyan, she has found a welcoming community and home in Cranford where she resides with her three children.