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    Kathleen Ryan

    Kathleen Ryan is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor. She has been practicing at HOME since the doors opened in June 2018 and has been a teacher there since 2021. She also teaches a weekly yoga and mindfulness class to preschoolers.

    Kathleen earned a BA in French Translation and a Masters in Teaching for Elementary Education from Montclair State University, as well as a degree in the Baking & Pastry Arts from the Institute of Culinary Education. She lived her previous lives as a preschool teacher, middle school reading teacher, inside sales rep, and owner of a custom cake business.

    Living with major depression and ADHD since childhood, Kathleen noticed the positive impact of her regular yoga practice almost immediately. In addition to better mood, focus, and sleep, she saw improvements in her relationships with her children within weeks. She was becoming more grounded, present, and patient.

    When not at HOME, Kathleen adores pickleball, books, movies, and watching old seasons of Survivor with her two boys and husband who is most likely asleep on the couch.